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World famous Internet marketer is going to give you complete ready to go websites that actually crams your pockets full of cash...

In Less Than 5 Minutes - You'll Have Your Own Automatic List Building Website That Spits Out Money On Demand!

How about a new $2,800 website every month for next to nothing? ... Now With A Revolutionary Breakthrough Technology That Automatically Builds Your Opt-In List And Crams Cash Directly Into Your PayPal Account - Guaranteed!

Then pay special attention now!...

I've spent the last 3 years developing a brand new Internet Technology that works on autopilot to build a list of people who want to buy your products. No more slinging mud on a wall type strategies that have you hoping that something sticks.

Why depend on chance, expensive PPC, unreliable SEO, and one time opportunities when you can just send a 5 minute email message to people who have requested that you let them know when you have something to sell or giveaway.

But now, you can get a new website every month that actually pays you to build your list. That's right, each site crams money directly into your PayPal account while you build your list.

And you can repeat the process over and over again!

From the Desk of...
Steve A. Yakim

I want you to know that I have spent many a late night racking my brain figuring out ways to make you more money. And one of the best ways to do that is through List Building.

Have you ever heard, "The Money Is In The List"?

This is an UNDENIABLE TRUTH that no one can or has proven to be false.

Personally, I've already built my list to over 100,000 opt-in subscribers, and now it's my challenge to do it again, but this time for you.

Let me tell you why I am doing this and its not just to make me feel good knowing that I'm able to help you, and it does. But have you ever heard the saying...

One hand washes the other!

I want you to understand that I have a vested interest in YOUR SUCCESS!

What if I told you that you make 100% of the money that comes from your websites but I will also help you promote backend products and I will get a percentage of each dollar I help you make on the backend.

I hope this does not make you mad because it shouldn't.

Here is the biggest reason as to why you are guaranteed that what I'm giving you will in fact work...

"Even though you will make much more, I stand to make a small percentage, so I want to make sure you succeed in a big way because the amount of success you achieve directly influences the amount of my success too."

So I've been painfully honest and deliberately designed each website to build your list the same way that I've built my list of over 100,000 subscribers. To drive my point even deeper, to demonstrate just how powerful these websites are, just the fact that you are reading this letter means you have subscribed to my list.

Each website I'm going to give you has everything already built into it so that it's guaranteed to build your list and make you lots of money automatically.

The brand new technology that I have personally developed is what makes it possible to offer you these ready to go list building money making websites.

The days of chance are now over for you when it comes to making money online.

Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever heard of the "Magic Pill"?

This is a very special "Magic Pill" you take before you go to bed at night. And when you wake up in the morning your PayPal account is full of money.

If there was a patent on the "Magic Pill", I would be in trouble with the law for infringing on someone's patent. I know, of course there is no such pill, but the websites I've designed for you are the closest thing you'll find to the real "Magic Pill" !

I want you to know that there are already some very famous names who are taking note of my new technology that will allow you to build a list and put money directly into your PayPal account.

I want to make this perfectly clear that you are actually building your own list directly into your own autoresponder and not mine. My technology builds your list for you and don't have to make any changes to the website at all to make this happen. It's automatic.

List building is actually very simple to do but you have to do it every day and my technology does this for you. As a matter of fact, some of these very famous names have seen what my technology can do and are actually testing it themselves with great success.

You see, before I even remotely considered passing this technology on to you, I wanted to be absolutely sure it worked for anyone who used it that I allowed these famous names to test it for themselves.

I have painstakingly put a lot of time and effort, (3 years) and fine-tuned what has got to be the greatest and best Internet business in a box you will want or find anywhere because no one else has the technology to duplicate it.

So what does this mean to you...

You receive a system that is so smooth that it practically runs itself.

Pay special attention here because this is the first time a program like is being offered.


Best Way To Start

We'll give you one brand new, complete Internet Marketing Business every month. I'm not kidding here. We do all the work and give you everything you need to succeed.

Let me explain how this works and what you will receive every month...

First of all, it is important to understand that you must apply the 80 / 20 Rule to make money online. The 80 / 20 Rule that I'm referring to is...

80% of your effort must be used to market your product. The other 20% can be used for product creation.

People fail to make any money online because they worry to much about the product, get confused and do very little or no marketing.

You see, all the time and effort you put into...

  • Writing a sales letter

  • Creating your main product that you are selling

  • Creating a squeeze page to build your list

  • Creating a product to giveaway on your squeeze page

  • Creating a download page to deliver your product

  • Writing classified ads to promote your product

  • Writing blog posts to drive traffic to your squeeze page and sales letter

  • Using an FTP program to upload everything to your server

  • And the list goes on and on and on...

...does NOT make you any money!

Another thing that I want to drive home is that you can't expect to make bundles of money from just one product. It takes many income streams to keep the money flowing in instead of flowing out like it's probably doing for you now.

Now that I have listed a few things that are absolutely needed to sell your own products, of which any one of them could have you pulling your hair out and have you lose site of your goals, Let me tell you what we will do for you and the stuff you will not have to worry about anymore.

Here is what comes with your brand new complete business, which you receive every month...

  • You receive a brand new product every month that you can sell for $27.00 and keep 100% of the profit.
    (Value $550)

  • You get a squeeze page to go with each month's product so you can build a list.
    (Value $250)

  • You also get a new product every month, which you will be giving away on your squeeze page to ethically bribe people to sign up to your list. This product will be loaded with your links so you will earn income when a sale is made.
    (Value $275)

  • You get a professionally written sales letter that will sell each new monthly product. Each sales letter is personalized just for you and actually has your name on the sales letter as the owner of the site.
    (Value $700)

  • You receive 5 blog posts so you can use blogs to send traffic to your new product squeeze page and sales letter so you make 100% of the profit.
    (Value $60)

  • You will get 5 articles you can use to market your new product.
    (Value $90)

  • You get 5 classified ads you can use in low cost advertising to drive traffic to your pages.
    (Value $25)

  • We host each new website for you. We put everything in place the way it needs to be so you don't have to worry about getting everything set up right.
    (Value $20)

  • We manage your websites for you and deliver all the products you sell and make sure your customers pay at your PayPal account.
    (Value $30)

  • We promote products for you on what is called the backend. This is were most of your income will be earned. We will be promoting affiliate products and ClickBank products, which you will earn at least a 50% commission directly into your PayPal and ClickBank accounts.
    (Value $400)

  • We help you cross promote your previous month's products by including ads in the free reports and on the download pages.
    (Value $150)

  • We believe it is absolutely critical that you build a list, so we give you FREE access to an autoresponder if you do not already have one.
    (Value $20)

  • You receive 5 email messages you can add to your autoresponder to promote your new product to the list you build with your squeeze page.
    (Value $60)

  • You will receive a solo email that you can use to introduce your new product to your list, use for ad swaps and purchased solo advertisements.
    (Value $75)

  • You get a 7-Day eCourse that you can plug into your autoresponder designed to help you build your list and nurture a relationship with your new list members.
    (Value $95)

We do everything for you that would either cost you all kinds of money or time that would keep you from doing the marketing that really makes the money for you.

If you were to pay to have all these things done for you it would cost $2,800 or more each month to create a new product or take you months to get just one of these products completed before you could even begin to make any money from your efforts.

If you were to get bogged down in any one of these areas in product creation, the money would never materialize because you would not be ready to market your product.

All you have to do is set up your autoresponder with the tools we provide and learn what really makes the money, which is to market your monthly products.

The money will begin to come in for the very first time. There is no reason why you can't make $100 a day from each monthly product once you get your marketing techniques perfected. At the end of the year that would be over $1,000 a day.


"I just had to write and tell you that I am very impressed with Best Way To Start. I like the 7 step approach that takes people by the hand and walks them through the process of making a paycheck online. You've really done a fantastic job on this site."

Terry Telford


Hi Steve,

"Great job with your site ... I am expecting big things from this site.. I want to start growing my list the right way and I am very impressed with your program so far..

Great professional content and because I am so impressed with the site so far I will be staying on as member after my 7 day trial..

BTW ... I would not have joined if there was not a $1 trial... I am glad Terry Telford showed me this site."

Nick F. Sanders

There Is More YOU Will Receive To Help You Perfect Your Marketing Skills.

  • You receive a copy of each month's product so you can study it and apply what you learn to your marketing arsenal.

  • You will receive monthly marketing lessons, which will help you bring in more and more income each and every month.

  • Every week you will receive a new traffic tactic that you will add to your autoresponder to create an "Evergreen" newsletter. But most of all the traffic tactic will be a part of that week's lesson and apply it to your marketing that week to drive traffic to your website.

  • You will receive an action guide that will keep you on track and and make sure you are not taking any short cuts that will derail all your efforts.

  • When you sponsor just 2 people as members of "Best Way To Start" you will earn enough every month, as long as they stay members, to pay for your membership.

Nothing Speaks Louder Than Results

Setting all this up for you does no good unless you can begin to see results in a very short time. So, I created a system that will have 300 to 3,000 opt-in subscribers almost begging to join your list every month.

Before the end of your first week, you will see your list begin to grow. You may have never been successful building your list before, but thanks to special joint ventures we locate for you, your list will soon be busting at the seams.

Again we do almost all the work for you. We locate 15 to 30 list building joint ventures for you every month. All you need to do is use the link we give you to sign up for their program then use our secret list building software to generate, in just seconds, all the information you need to make each joint venture a success.

This is where it starts to get really exciting...

In just a few days real people will start pouring into your list. This whole process only takes about 10 minutes for you to complete for each joint venture. This is because we supply everything you need to just copy and paste into place.

With our system, if you can copy and paste, you can't help but build a list of 300 to 3,000 opt-in subscribers every month.

If You Want To Earn While YOU Learn...
You Must Act Now!

You won't have to pay the big money that I pay to provide these products to you every month. But, you must join now because I'm limiting this offer to only the first 1,000 people who join.

Then I'm absolutely closing the doors tight to protect my current members!

Plus, it is only going to cost the first 100 members $29.95 monthly. After the first 100 members, the price is going to increase. The cost of membership will continue to increase until the 1,000 membership limit has been reached.

Current Price Is $34.95

But who knows, The above "Current Price" is accurate at the time you opened this page and there could be another 200 people reading this same page at this very moment who will click the order button before you and the price could have already changed.

Members Monthly Fee Commission
Members Make
First 100 Sold Out $14.98
101-200 $34.95 $17.48
201-300 $39.95 $19.98
301-400 $44.95 $22.48
401-500 $49.95 $24.98
501-750 $54.95 $27.48
750-1000 $59.95 $29.98
Waiting List Closed Doors Unless Someone Quits

Let Me Make It Extremely EASY
For YOU To Decide!

The "Best Way To Start" is the only site online that promises to do 90% of the work for you and teaches you many different ways to promote your websites making it possible for you to earn while you learn.

You will receive a complete business in a box every month and you can start for an investment of only $1.00.

That's no mistake... ONLY One Dollar!

We will give you a 7 - Day Trial Membership for only $1. After the end of seven days you will automatically be billed $34.95 if you have not cancelled your subscription before the end of the 7 - Day Trial Membership.

As an extra Bonus, after successfully completing your 7 - Day Trial Membership, You will receive a second new product that you can begin promoting and earning income from immediately.

That means you will receive 2 complete businesses in your first month's membership for the cost of your first month's membership.

Hi Steve,

"This is a work of genius! Even though I've been online for a while, your program has saved me time and effort in trying to move forward without having to unload tons of money to have all this done for me.

With your quality pre-written content and "now do this" step-by-step action plan laid out over time, I don't even have to think about this part of my business. That frees me up to concentrate on other things that make me even more money.

You know, a brilliant man once told me "If you drag your feet too long, eventually you end up with stumps, and you can never end up taking that first step to move forward." Your program will help anyone to take those first steps in the right direction with no dragging even considered! Thank you for this excellent package."

Yours In Success,

Steve D'Agostino

7 Undeniable List Building Facts
That Make This One Dollar Deal A NO Brainer

Fact #1 - Without your own large opt-in email contact list you will have to pay through the nose for any sort of targeted traffic to your websites. Because I have my own large opt-in list, I can’t remember the last time I had to pay for advertising to drive traffic to any of my sites.

Fact #2 - Without a large opt-in email contact list you have no way of building a relationship with your leads over time. It's a known fact that most people will not buy from you after only one exposure to your product or business…

So if you don't have a way for them to give you their email address so you can follow-up with them you are losing out on almost 99% of your sales. That means that 99% of your efforts are a waste of your time and money.

Fact #3 - Having a large and responsive opt-in email contact list is the ultimate protection against your competition. A competitor can quickly copy your product or come out with a better one… but the one thing a competitor cannot copy is your opt-in email contact list.

Fact #4 - With a large and responsive opt-in email contact list you don't have to worry about creating your own products (if you don't want to). Amateurs lose sleep over the product… Products are a dime a dozen. Savvy marketers focus on becoming masters at building massive high quality opt-in email lists FAST.

Fact #5 - Having a large and responsive opt-in email list allows you to basically write your own paycheck. Need a quick influx of cash… then simply send a special offer to your list.

It is the mailing to a large and responsive opt-in list that produces the most results, by far, in the quickest amount of time. You can publish an email message to your list on Friday morning and literally be producing sales by Friday afternoon.

As a matter of fact, I am preparing to attend a work shop in less than three weeks and I am going to send one email to my list so I can pay for the hotel reservations.

Now you’ve gotta like that!

Fact #6 – A large and responsive opt-in email list gives you power on the Internet. The person with the list makes all the rules. You will find people asking you to do joint ventures, give you their products for review and make all kinds of offers with very high commission rates just so you will indorse their products to your list.

Fact #7 - It is not hard to build a large and responsive opt-in list. Unfortunately there is not just one list building tactic you can use to build your list. List building takes many tactics working together and is what builds your list at a rapid pace.

However, non of these list building tactics are hard to implement. You just have to do them every day.

And we do 90% of the work for you so this becomes a no brainer.

We Put Everything Out In The Open With Our
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with "Best Way To Start" for any reason whatsoever, you may cancel at anytime just by clicking the Cancel link in your member's area. NO Questions & NO Hassles & NO Problems ever!

A Bonus To Help You Build A List For Any Product You Want To Promote

The Ready Squeeze Solution:
List building Made EASY!

As a member of Ready Squeeze, you will instantly have access to a long list of done-for-you products and squeeze pages just waiting for you to use to attract subscribers to your list.

Instead of spending time doing all of the hard work by your self, you simply choose, which product you'd like to promote, grab your link and get started!

It's all done for you!

How easy is Ready Squeeze?

It's a done for you solution. It's so easy, that there are really only 3 steps.

Grab Your Link - After you go through a quick setup, simply login to Ready Squeeze, choose the product you'd like to promote (there are currently over 100 done for you products with a few hundred more in the pipeline!), enter your autoresponder information, get the link and you're done. Onto Step #2...
Promote Your Link - When a prospect clicks on your link, they are taken to your pre-done squeeze page, they opt-in to your list and get your pre-loaded, pre-customized report (already done for you) for immediate download. This isn't just any report, because each one is branded with your name, and your affiliate links already inside! It's totally customized without an ounce of effort from you.
Spend Your Profits - As your list grows, you will have a growing asset that you can use to generate income virtually on demand. Because of the planning we've put into offering these products, they will help you build targeted lists in markets that BUY. Once you have your list, then you can offer them a whole range of complimentary products and services.

Just "rinse and repeat" these 3 steps for as many lists as you want to build... in as many different markets as you chose. Build lists in 3, 4 or 5 niches and pretty soon, you could be on your way to your very own internet empire.

This bonus will only be included for a limited time and has a real value of $324 and will be removed after this special promotion.

Only A Knuckle Head Would Not See The Outstanding and Unique Opportunity That Is Guaranteed To Sell Out Fast...

Never before has it been so easy to get an online business of your own started for so little. Plus, we've done 90% of the work for you and taken away all the risk with our 7-Day $1 Trial.

Hi Steve,

"Best Way To Start includes very powerful features that help to build your list dramatically over a short period of time.

I've found that the giveaway system is an excellent way for anyone to generate an income, making it the perfect solution for struggling newbies.

The best part is that once you setup one product campaign, your experience level increases, and you can duplicate the process for more and more products each month!

Talk about instant multiple streams of income on steroids!

Wake up and smell the roses -- literally.

Don't let this opportunity for increased profits pass you by... I highly recommend you try the Best Way To Start ASAP, and start seeing REAL results you can take straight to the bank."

Eva Browne-Paterson |

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You will be able to start learning and earning from this breakthrough Business Model within just a few minutes... and using it to master list-building, your business foundation.

I understand that after 7 Days, I will be billed only $34.95 every 30 days and that I may cancel my subscription at anytime, for any reason.

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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

Best regards,

P.S. Where else can you get complete businesses set up for you for only $1.00 and keep a $324.00 bonus even if you decide Best Way To Start is not for you? We can only make this offer because of our huge confidence that you will absolute love Best Way To Start!