Making money with blogs while boosting your business has never been easier

“Increase Your Business Income
By Becoming A Business Blogger
(Even If You’ve Failed At Blogging Before)”

From the desk of: Steve Yakim

Dear Small Business Owner,

“I don’t have time to learn anything new”. How often have you heard that from your busy peers?

Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself.

If that’s the case, like it or not, you probably fall into one of these 3 common categories:

blue arrow You’re a business owner who hasn’t yet learned to blog

blue arrow You started a blog but let it die out because you weren’t sure what to do with it (and it didn’t seem to be doing anything for you!)

blue arrow You blog infrequently but you still keep meaning to one day look into how it can make you money

The truth is, business blogging can do so much more than you might ever imagine.

In May 2005, Business Week estimated 9 million blogs had exploded onto the net – with 40,000 more being started every day.

In 2009 that number has multiplied. Especially as so many small businesses don’t have the resources for other more traditional forms of advertising.

It’s not a form of business presence you can readily afford to ignore.

Saying it “doesn’t work” for you really just doesn’t cut it.

Whether you like it or not.

Ignoring Blogs Won’t Make Them Go Away
– And It’s A Sure Fire Way To Get Left Behind

It’s kind of like insisting you’ll keep riding your horse and buggy to work, while everyone passes you in Ferraris.

Remember all those people who lost whole businesses, by stubbornly resisting automation?

Sure, it would be better for the planet if we didn’t need cars. And let’s be honest – new ways of doing things are a pain for all to learn.

But this is the real world. And now more than ever, with tight economic times, those who don’t stay current get left behind.

They’re struggling to pay their tradesmen, freelance crew or office workers – with very little left over.

They keep wondering why they work so hard and get so little back.

They still keep insisting they’ve got no time to learn:

blue arrow  A proven system that can set you ahead of your competitors.

blue arrow  The easiest way to forge strong customer relationships built on trust

blue arrow  The fastest way to develop and reach your target market – with the least amount of work

blue arrow  A system that can generate income while you’re busy with your day–to–day business operation

blue arrow  A built–in, automated press powerhouse that can attract mainstream media to your company like moths to a flame

“I know all that,” you say. (Or maybe you didn’t!) “But it just won’t work for me. I really am too busy to learn – and it’s too complicated.”

Blogging For Business Does NOT Require
A Lot Of Time Or Money

If you've been thinking of starting a blog for your business, have already started one and are stuck or you just want to increase your profits even more, you'll want to know what things to avoid in order to get the most out of your blogging efforts.
That's why I'm going to tell exactly what to avoid in order to increase the amount of money you make in your business with the aid of a little thing called a blog!

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Learning How To Set Up A Successful Blog
May Be Easier Than Anything Else
You Ever Do For Your Business

It’s easier to do than you might think. And the benefits of having a properly positioned blog go way beyond making you a little money.

A blog filled with relevant posts can produce:

blue arrow  Feedback from your target market (as well as ideas for new products or services)

blue arrow  A following of fans – all potential customers

blue arrow  A solid internet presence and strong “go to” expert reputation

blue arrow  Attracting and pre–qualifying your exact target market

blue arrow  Opportunities to test your product plans in advance

blue arrow  Joint venture opportunities with other related businesses who are attracted by your professionalism – and have powerful “clout” themselves to lend you

blue arrow  Easy tracking for your campaign responses

“But What About All The Competition?“

“If all the competition is blogging away successfully,” you say, “how do I stand a chance to compete?”

Ah! But there’s the beauty of blogging.

I’ll tell you a secret. Out of all those millions of bloggers, the majority let their blogs sputter out like a candle in a vacuum because they didn’t really know what to do and how to do it. (Maybe you’ve even been one of them!)

Another chunk of bloggers know how to set up a blog but just don’t have a clue how to successfully apply good business principles.

They don’t have a plan. They don’t have a goal, or a purpose.

And they wouldn’t know how to put it into blogging practice if they did!

That’s where my 30-page special report, How To Increase Your Business Income With A Blog, comes in.

I’ve been where you are, and turned it around.

But I still remember how I felt when I tried to set up my first business blog:

blue arrow  Annoyed that I had to do it

blue arrow  Bewildered and more at sea than I cared to admit, trying to discover how to do it

blue arrow  Frustrated with blogging systems that just seemed to mess up

blue arrow  Resentful of the time it took

Think of my special report, How To Increase Your Business Income With A Blog, as an easy ABC “How To” insider’s guide that can quickly help you to:

checkmark-red  Get a blog up and running easily and in no time

checkmark-red  Teach you how to provide relevant quality content for your blog even if you can’t write a word

checkmark-red  Tip you off about making money with your blog – the right way, first time

checkmark-red  Help you to know what to do and how to promote your blog with maximum effect for minimum work

checkmark-red  Show you how to market your services, products – and yourself

But What About Me? I Already Have A Blog
– And It’s A Dud!

Don’t worry. My special report covers this common problem too. You’ll laugh when you see how easy it is to revive a bloated blog “corpse” and not only bring it back to life – but set it up so it’s healthier than it’s ever been.

You’ll learn everything from:

blue arrow  Simple systems you can use – and how to set them up right

blue arrow  Making money with blogs – and money that will make a difference

blue arrow  Blogging tips and blogging tool advice that will have you working confidently, like a blogging pro

blue arrow  What type of blog you need, and how to create it

By the time you’ve finished reading my report and tried out my methods, you might feel like you could teach business blogging yourself!

The Best Kept Secret Of Blogging

You see, the one thing your successful competitors don’t want you to know is…

professional, effective blogging is easy

Blogging is the surest way to get your company information out there for your potential customers to find. Having a business blog and setting it up properly, will allow you to:

They don’t have a plan  Be quickly indexed and given high priority by major search engines

They don’t have a plan Create RSS web feeds easily picked up by major social networking media – even if you yourself don’t have time for FacSPECIAL REPORT, MSN, Twitter and the like. (And creating a feed is easy to do.)

They don’t have a plan  Have natural backlinks added to your site far quicker than you ever did to your website – without having to invest in time–consuming and sometimes shady traffic linking schemes.

In fact, you may actually end up joining the many highly successful business bloggers who quickly learned to replace their traditional websites with a blog.

(That’s easily done too – and your visitors won’t even know the difference!)

When you learn how to drive it, the blog is the cruise control of the internet. It lets you travel easily, at a steady speed, conserving gas – while others wrestle with grinding gears, stubbornly clinging to some clunky old outdated manual transmission truck.

Once you’ve learned to set up – and virtually forget – a successful business blog, you’ll have more time than ever to focus on your business.

While your blog drives customers who want to buy straight to your door.

Can You Afford Not To Blog?

There’s a simple way to find out, once and for all, if business blogging is really as easy as I say.

Check out my 30–page special report, How To Increase Your Business Income With A Blog, for yourself.

Stop wasting all those old websites and abandoned blogs floating around somewhere in limbo.

Stop telling yourself you’ll be darned if you have to learn yet another new fact.

Stop fighting success.

Put yourself with the big boys – among the elite not–so–few.

Would You Like To Learn How To Make Money Blogging
In Multiple Ways You May Not Even Know?

If your answer is a big “YES!”, you can immediately look forward to:

checkmark-red  An easy system that will show you what steps you need to take to become a blogger or revive your old unsuccessful blogs

checkmark-red  Proven shortcuts to help you fast track to speedy blog success

checkmark-red  A fast–acting increase in targeted traffic interested in your goods and services

checkmark-red  A whole pile of blogging mystery and aggravation gone forever

checkmark-red  A chance to make money in multiple, easy ways (even while you sleep)

checkmark-red The peace of mind in knowing your effective blog is successfully promoting your business better than any static website has ever done

So… are you ready to take the mystery out of blogging and put this powerful tool to work for your business? With one single small investment, you can follow this link to easy blogging success.

I could easily turn this into a course and attach a hefty price tag – but why do that, when blogging is really a simple tool?

So here’s my best suggestion…

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try “How to Increase Your Business Income With A Blog” for a full 30 days.

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Get it straight away for a single investment of only $

After all, your one-time-only investment of
$ for How to Increase Your Business Income With A Blog may save you the cost of the purchase price with your first new or updated blog.

If You're Worried About Making This Purchase
Ask Yourself One Simple Question:
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In fact, you don’t even have your one-click investment to lose. If you don’t save at least the amount of the purchase price after putting my strategies into practice, you get a full refund - and my book is yours to keep forever! Your satisfaction is guaranteed, no matter what!

(And isn’t it about time got out of that place where you’re barely paying your employees, and being drowned among your competition?)

So don't hesitate. Take action today.

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If you’ve been putting off learning to blog for longer than you like to admit, now is the time to turn your dead dud into a blog that everyone will notice and admire!

Set yourself at the front of the crowd, instead of always trailing behind.

Remember, I can make it easy for you to reap the biggest rewards from your blog with the least amount of work. Not because of some shady shortcut – but simply by showing you the way to do it properly and easily.

No matter how techno-challenged you like to tell your friends and customers you actually are.

Become a business blogger today, and see what a difference it makes to your business.

In ways you’ve barely begun to imagine.


Steve Yakim

P.S.  You can bet your strongest competitors are using business blogs! What’s stopping you from joining them? Click Here to learn how to beat them at their own game.

P.P. S.   If you set them up right, blogs do all the promotion and targeted traffic attraction for you. They’re so user friendly and easy to update, do you really prefer wrestling with HTML or paying web designers?

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*Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individualís success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


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